Software Update Wizard - Features
Auto-updates with 1 line of code!

The Software Update Wizard has been under development since 2002.

It started life as a simple updater for our own demand forecasting solution, Prophecy for Windows, and developed into a commercial software component which has now been deployed on thousands of computers across the world.

Over the years our users have fed back requirements and suggestions to help the Software Update Wizard optimally deploy their updates.  PowerProgrammer has sought to implement as many of the suggestions and ideas as possible, making the product a mature and fully-rounded solution.  It's an 'easy win' for Windows developers looking to deliver automatic software updates to users (without busting a gut doing it!).

Why reinvent the wheel?  Here is a selection of the features which make the Software Update Wizard a great solution to your update component needs, which can be deployed quickly and easily and which is relatively inexpensive (especially when compared to the cost of developer hours)!

Simple to add to your software.

Adds under 300kb to your application installer.

Control the whole process via simple script files.

Runs without the need for Administrator rights on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and equivalent Windows Server versions. The Software Update Wizard Service runs in the SYSTEM security context and can therefore update files or launch processes which the logged on user is prevented from doing.

Runs seamlessly on Windows 10/8/7/Vista without constant UAC or Administrator elevation prompts.

Supports updates under Windows Terminal Services.

You have the choice of deploying The Software Update Wizard either as a Windows Service application, or, if you prefer, as a standard executable which you can launch when required from within your application. (Note: Only the Windows Service implementation is able to work seamlessly under Windows 10/8/7/Vista without UAC prompts. All other functionality is identical and the main Software Update Wizard binary is capable of functioning either in service or application mode - whichever you prefer .)

Built in unzipping, including folder replication.

Launch any number of process within a Software Update Wizard script - e.g. download your installation program and then run it.

Conditional updates based on version numbers, file dates etc...

Very customisable - your graphics, messages, colour schemes.

Submit confirmation of update back to the developer.

Communicate with your users though The Software Update Wizard campaign manager.

Really easy to use! Click here to see The Software Update Wizard Flash demo.


The Software Update Wizard comes with comprehensive documentation on all its features.  Please click here to read the developer help file on line.


The Software Update Wizard is simple to integrate with most development environments and languages.  Click here for a fast start to integration.

A Quick Example:

Here is an example of how a developer would use the Software Update Wizard to deploy a new version of their software.

The Software Update Wizard - delivering automatic updates since 2002!

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