Enable Internet Updates in your Application with a Single Line of Code!
Software update component!

Add Automatic Updates to your Windows Applications with a Single Line of Code.

The Software Update Wizard is a set of components that lets you add a powerful automatic updates
feature to your software, literally in minutes.

Your customers won’t need to run installers, won’t need Administrator rights to their computers and won’t be bothered by troublesome User Account Control prompts when their software is updated – it just happens!

Their software is updated promptly, professionally and with no manual technical processes or
administrative elevation required.

Download free 30 day evalution and see for yourself

Looks part of your software!

The Software Update Wizard has powerful visual customisation options. Your ‘look’, your graphics,
your messages and advice texts. You can even make the update experience multi-lingual.

Simple to integrate!

All it takes to enable ‘automatic updates’ in your software is a single call to our supplied DLL or
alternatively a ShellExecute or equivalent to launch our small stub utility application. The update
check can be made automatic as your application starts up or it can be user-initiated via a menu
choice – whichever you prefer.

On your web server, you just need a simple text file (the update ‘script’) and the new file versions (or
a zip containing them).

Once your users have experienced software updating with the Software Update Wizard the old-
fashioned way of checking for updates, manually downloading the new installer, running it will seem
just plain old-fashioned and cumbersome!

Act now!

Watch an on-screen movie showing how elegantly the Software Update Wizard works from the user’s perspective.

Review our help file online to see the depth of functionality we offer.

• Given that you can integrate it with your software in a few minutes, why not download the 30 day trial version right now and give the Software Update Wizard a road test?

Download the Software Update Wizard


Automatic updates with a single line of code!